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    her at full liberty to concentrate her mind on the potatoes, and to

    about the future It was this The constraint that had been put

    Waterbrook, with his wine-glass at his eye ‘Other things are all

    example, when Mrs Steerforth observed, more in jest than

    of that remarkable kitchen fireplace But we were not in condition

    looking up at the sunlight on the opposite chimney-pots, and

    take you for?’ That then he had said, Yes, he hoped so That then

    deny her, when the tears is on her face’

    ‘Not yet, sir,’ I said, flinching with the pain

    David Copperfield

    I really thought she was, she had been so short with me; but I

    and calls challenges after me in the open streets For these

    heaved a little sigh ‘Sister Lavinia,’ said Miss Clarissa, ‘take my

    myself and for your friend Traddles, in whom I have an unaffected

    to me; but we was company for one another, too, along the dusty

    forget Dora That was all, and what was that! I entreated Miss

    I was not sorry to go I had lapsed into a stupid state; but I was

    thrown me, I had thought very much of the words Agnes had used

    That’s all’

    Steerforth laughed heartily, and I laughed too Miss Mowcher

    after week, month after month, I was coldly neglected I wonder

    ‘To your father-in-law,’ said my aunt ‘I have sent him a letter

    I have always considered this as the first fall I had in life When


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