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    have acted out the tragedy it would have been to me

    of knaves’

    My aunt and I had held many grave deliberations on the calling

    crayons of ladies with powdered hair and bodices, coming and

    something or somebody in Peregrine Pickle He said nothing at

    He pointed to the washing-stand, which I had made out to be

    about me, Peggotty excepted, could have given me a sense of

    Before us stands our house, so pretty and unchanged, so linked in

    knowing Mr Larkins), I am happier I deserve a bow now and

    at about this period of my existence At about this time, too, I

    before me, and I struck it with my open hand with that force that

    ‘Then,’ says I, producing the money, ‘just draw me a glass of the

    punch into my bedroom, in order that Mrs Micawber might drink

    occasion he came into the house And he gave me a look as he

    the circumstances of her residence with Mr Peggotty Mrs

    ‘I hope the next time you come here, my dear fellow,’ I say to

    Mr Waterbrook was only too happy, as it appeared to me, to

    she says softly:

    is not; on any pretence; it is indifferent to me what—my doors are

    cuttings of which were littered all over the floor There was a good

    hand behind her, held mine in it, until we came near to where he

    David Copperfield

    adored me I should be reduced to the necessity of killing myself

    David Copperfield

    until certain expected events should turn up; when it has been

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