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    arms I ran and begged her pardon from my suffering soul

    I thought it my duty to hint at the discomfort my aunt would

    ‘It was Walker, my sweet pet,’ replied Miss Mowcher, ‘and he

    David Copperfield

    made a little jug of egg-hot afterwards to console us while we

    keep me long enough to spend seven shillings? Should I sleep at

    again Hence, on three or four days that I can at once recall, we

    indisposition A very gentlemanly man, Mrs Henry Spiker’s

    thing, and you can’t help being forgiven I don’t intend to mention

    ‘Traddles,’ said I, shaking hands with him again, after I had sat

    outside; but even my entrance failed to rouse him I was standing

    ‘She couldn’t even have a baby like anybody else,’ said my aunt

    remember, when my smart and passion began to cool, how wicked

    which is a disagreeable remembrance and makes the sight of him

    ‘Yes,’ said Mrs Micawber ‘It is truly painful to contemplate

    make myself at all uneasy about his daughter’s happiness He had

    thought, or what I dreaded I could only look at him


    ‘Thank you,’ said Mrs Micawber ‘That is quite sufficient If

    heartiest manner I was almost tempted that evening to tell

    away I was so far from being warned off from Peggotty’s society,

    to her, to dote upon and worship her, to have reason to think that

    ‘Ah!’ she said ‘Such things are not much in demand

    the Murdstone religion, which was austere and wrathful I have

    Now, I am glad I have been so foolish as to put the case, for it is so

    This was a frightful beginning Traddles had to indicate that I

    gradually smiled herself, one-sided herself, and rubbed herself,

    The night, still quiet.

    A great pull!’ said Traddles, with a wince, as if he had had a tooth

    the summit of mine There is no doubt whatever that I was a


    Copyright arms I ran and begged her pardon from my suffering soul