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    sleeve and stopped myself

    the unseen, unfelt progress of my life—from childhood

    Murdstone lowering out of one of them No face appeared,

    confirm what I say You know as well as I do that your cousin

    struggle between his shame in Uriah’s deportment, and his desire

    them out of the courtyard, before they could make the Doctor

    fancied that somebody was reading it It was no relief to turn

    frequently ground the palms against each other as if to squeeze

    consequences; and of a serious sort, too, in their way

    one, or line by line, but by the entire page; I tried to lay hold of

    rather But it’s all over, a long while Old Creakle!’

    ‘and live there’

    ‘On such an occasion I will give you, Master Copperfield,’ said

    above the desk Hither, on the first morning of my so auspiciously

    ‘You know, Copperfield,’ he said, in my ear (I did not turn my

    here she is!’

    We began to talk about my aunt’s losses, and I told them what I

    David Copperfield

    man who had got Blood in him, than I’d be picked up by a man

    is destruction The bolt is impending, and the tree must fall

    Mrs Crupp, who had been incessantly smiling to express sweet

    I had Dora in my arms I was full of eloquence I never stopped for

    mother was concerned—and I obeyed him to the letter I retreated

    my aunt, and hoped she was the same

    somehow, and shut him out in a hurry

    and you can’t think how frank he is, Mr Peggotty’

    and the ship to which I belonged had sailed away and left me on a

    I answered that it was a beautiful one I should think it must

    inexorably refuses to give any explanation whatever of this

    ‘You see,’ said Mr Dick, wistfully, ‘if I could exert myself, Mr

    ‘Did she object to it?’


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