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    Mr Peggotty and little Emly and Mrs Gummidge and Ham that

    nothing all night, and that if he would allow me to buy something

    and not so gay, but not less beautiful), and so became more and

    Mrs Gummidge and Ham were waiting to take leave of us

    ‘Could I defend my conduct if I did not, sir?’ I returned, with all

    ‘I have forgotten, Doctor,’ said Mrs Strong’s mama, when we

    act of greater justice to myself, and perhaps of more respect to

    Wickfield’s of dependence, was a sight more painful to me than I

    ‘Edward,’ said Miss Murdstone, ‘let there be an end of this I go

    like any other ordinary gentleman, in a loose grey morning coat


    guardianship, and so forth—and this was something towards it

    with a pitiable whimper, ‘and now I’m told so! How could I expect

    returned ‘I’m glad to find Miss Agnes knows of it Oh, thank you,

    was a stout pale pudding, heavy and flabby, and with great flat

    which reconciles all anomalies But Mr Spenlow argued the

    that life is fraught with so much pain to me, with so much mental

    temperate and quiet with him, on account of Agnes, ‘that I regard

    ‘So I found,’ said Mr Wickfield ‘I couldn’t doubt it, when you

    At this minute I see him turn round in the garden, and give us a

    something—for him—considerable Oh yes Yes’

    ‘We shall be happy,’ said Miss Clarissa, ‘to see Mr Copperfield

    I might have had more difficulty in constraining myself to be

    circumstances in which my Dora would be placed—as, in whose

    dangerous ground

    Blackfriars, and lounged about at meal-times in obscure streets,

    This was only for a moment; for Agnes softly said to him, ‘Papa!

    to be walking about on Yarmouth flats that night, I provided the


    Copyright Mr Peggotty and little Emly and Mrs Gummidge and Ham that